Context to follow, part 2

Poppy texted me while I was in CA, demanding to know when the Hell I'd get around to posting those photos.


Mean Mama said…
What is truly amazing is that your photos continued to be well-framed and level!
Joke said…
It's called "discarding the 97% which were not."
Poppy Buxom said…



I guess you weren't actually exaggerating.

Who knew?

One question: do you actually remember what the pictures are of? I wouldn't.
Joke said…
I took the precaution of having with me a notepad and implements of writery.

Not really sure where they went.

And I'm not done.

This event, which would have you atop a table, belting out lines such as: "YOU! You are my people!!" had a consumption of 14,000 limes alone.




In 5 days.

This is what I do for you, The Reader.

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