Where we are right now

We're on day 4 and I am tired. And we haven't even gotten to the exhausting part.

NOS has (so far) come home, plopped down and dutifully finished his various assignments and projects without being exhorted to do so. As I type, he is quietly studying for a math quiz.

NTS hasn't had all that much, assignment-wise, but he is also in a jovial mood and has been doing his readings without much drama.

But NOS has to be schlepped to golf practice and NTS has had a couple of appointments and TFBIM has been up to HERE with some office stuff. Plus there's the generic getting-to-know-you conversations between the New Teachers (ever eager to expound volubly) and me (ever eager to say "OK, great, bye!" and leap into the car).

Plus work stuff that, for the first time in two years is actually positive on average. (But my brain's work side had begun to atrophy, so that makes recovering the pace less than easy.)

So I am tired.


I have to finish up a report. 20something pages by tomorrow a.m.

And I could stand to have a soothing tumblerful of something, too.


BabelBabe said…
so stop blogging and start, um, reporting.
blackbird said…
Well, you've just BEEN to the largest sanctioned/sponsored DRINKING event in the world - WHAT did you pour yourself?
Paola said…
Right, I would practice on "some" of the drinks you saw/drank/tasted ... and share. I am sure you can give them a twist too.
Joke said…
I was abstemious last night, owing to the need for completing the report in question. After a (VERY) minor episode of awkwardness, I will not be so virtuous tonight.

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