There's no Wayback Machine

A while ago, around the time the world ended, I stopped rowing.

I liked rowing, but it was (and is) a schlep of impressive proportions. If you're a jogger, you put on your jogging shoes and you start jogging. You could be jogging well before you exit the house. Swimming is a bit more of a hassle. You have to have special apparel, and you have to dry yourself just to go home and rinse off either salt or chlorine. Or, you can shower amid a retinue of strangers.

Rowing is like that and between the hassle and the scramble to get back to Normal, such as I dimly remember it, put it out of my realm of activities. For, um, almost three years.

But I realized all this sloth wasn't good for me in any conceivable way. And so I opted to take up rowing again.

There's a problem with my taking up rowing again after a +/- 3 year layoof and that is that it is ME taking up rowing again. This means the following thought never crossed my mind:

"You haven't rowed in three years and in those three years you have gotten a bit out of shape AND you have aged three years. Maybe you should take it easy the first few times?"

So, never having had that thought, I threw myself at the endeavo(u)r as if I had never stopped. Which at the time felt a bit strenuous but not outrageous.

Then of course, I was driving home and felt every single tendon, ligament and muscle fiber from the eyebrows south stiffen to the maximum extent biomechanics will allow. It hurt to think about moving.

Oh, Internet, I was soooooooooooooooo sore.

It hurt to sit, stand, shift in my seat, shift in bed -- one of the very rare times I prayed my beloved did not feel inclined to avail herself of the manly bounty that is Joke -- cross my legs, stand, turn, reach for things, put things down and move my head.

I am still a bit sore in the legs and this was a WEEK AGO.

Please feel free to make book on how easy I take it this Saturday.



blackbird said…
I have no problem with complete cessation of any and all athletic pursuits.
Joke said…
Neither do I, but I do have problems with not fitting into my clothes and MAJOR problems with dieting.
BreadBox said…
Ah yes. Giving up rowing, and wanting to take it back up. I remember that. And remember that. And remember that. It's been thrumptysevix years since I was rowing on a regular basis, and I really, really miss it. Still.


ps But not the pain.

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