Friday, October 15, 2010

Today's round up of not very major news either way.

I have no idea what to write, as the dearth of anything exciting, amusing, interesting, etc. has been pretty deafening. So here is a random list of stuff masquerading as a post.

The Wonderful News I have been awaiting for 293 years are still in "Just a second, I'll be right there!" mode.

Had a brief discussion with NOS about "What girls like in a boy." Answer: "Spectacular grades in school, a nice smile, kindness, cooking ability and being hilariously funny. But mostly the spectacular grades."

When he gets older I will clue him in on the aphrodisiacal properties of homework and diligent studying.

I have begun to hatch a plot to celebrate yet another suprise party for TFBIM. This means goodie* bags. Does anyone out there know how to etch glass? (Don't ask why. Your patience will be rewarded.) I figure it's time to amortize the $80 my snazzy new bar cost me.

Working with someone who has an artistic temperament is very, very trying.

Anyone out there use Skype? Opinions?

Why is Blogger moderating the comments of longtime readers?

Get your forms in for Tales of the Cocktail 2011. Last year there were 18,000 (!!!) attendees. Granted, most of these were from New Orleans, which tends to breed a sort of resident pathologically addicted to fun, but still. That's a lot of humanity.

Had to perform A Service on the new espresso machine. Now I know more about espresso machine innards than I wanted to.

That's it for now, carry on.


* It has been said, and not without merit, that I'd want goodie bags at my funeral.

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