More to make it up to the lovely & gracious BreadBox

For my monthly-ish update, something bready.

I was up at a ridiculous hour, bored out of my skull, messing around on Twitter when I saw that the lovely & gracious Kim had popped up and asked on the matter of no-knead bread.

This bread was "invented" at the Sullivan St. Bakery in NYC and when Mark Bittman vlogged about it at the New York Times, it became a mania among foodies, especially those who regard recipes involving flour and yeast the same way the average vampire would a crucifix and stake.

I gave her my opinion on the best baseline recipe (CI's) and, because "the best" isn't the same thing as "perfect" (I really wanted a very rustic flavo[u]r but I preferred the CI version's more delicate crust and crumb.) So, I had to develop and issue my tweaks to said recipe:

1- Use a starter (or "sponge") in lieu of yeast, if possible.
2- I use malt vinegar
3- I use a maltier tasting lager. That "mild" lager stuff is pretty much amber carbonated water and I wanted something to contribute taste.
4- I used 2tsp of sea salt instead of "table salt" (the measurements are to compensate for the volumetric differences; kosher salt will also work if it has no weird "anti-caking" ingredients)

Now you know.


PS Photos to follow.


BreadBox said…
I'll look forward to the photos!

I was incredibly resistant to making no knead bread until I met Shirley Corriher at a dinner party and she persuaded me to try it. In spite of her encouragement, I still resisted for a while but once I tried it, I was converted immediately. I've basically not baked any other method in about six months or so.

I haven't tried the beer based recipe: I'll give it a shot sometime soon -- thanks for sharing it.


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