Day 3 - Halfway there.

Those of you who attend conferences, symposia, etc. may think you're really a solid [insert name of activity here] but you really can't say that if the events are the arrive-midday-Friday-leave-Sunday-afternoon variety.

Here we are at Day 3 and we're only halfway done.

Now, something struck me last year and it strikes me again THIS year. At all the various seminars, you're plied with the equivalent of 1½-2½ full cocktails, starting at 10am and running through 4pm. Plus all the various tastings, freebie breakfasts (i.e. coffee liqueurs and Bloody Marys) and dinners (muffulettas & rum punches) and so forth. so, if you only have 1 of whatever is offered to you, by the conclusion of the day's activities, you will have had ten cocktails and it's only 6pm.

A brief pause while that thought comfortably makes itself at home among your brain cells.

So, what continues to strike me as strange is that after having had +/-10 cocktails by 6pm, you want to go bar hopping.

Why you want to treat your liver the way a Communist dictator would a particularly impertinent dissident, I have no idea. But there you go.

So, having arisen a touch on the late side, the first stop is the Absolut Vodka Bloody Mary Bar. Tomato juice has a lot of vitamins and minerals and that, dear Internet, is what keeps a boy keen and eager for the day's challenges.

The first of which was the "Classic Hotel Bars" seminar.

Primarily this focused on the hotel bars of London, with the odd discussion of (mostly) New York and Paris.

Hotel bars, having to cater to a not-exclusively-local clientele, with a veritable melting pot of tastes and proclivities, have given rise to not only legendary bartenders, but also great cocktails. Think of the Savoy Cocktail or a PiƱa Colada, two of a zillion famous cocktails born in hotel bars.

[The rest of this entry will follow, but first I believe I should absorb some fortified tomato juice.]


Paola said…
Hardcore even sounds as an understatement after reading this post.
Gulp down those Bloody Marys my friend.

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