Part 2, even though I haven't posted Part 1


First, I'm doing this to show the lovely and gracious Kim that it can be done.

It will be no secret to all of you that ever since the world imploded in mid 2008, my appetite for bloggery has been sharply curtailed. My fear was and is that at some point, a near pathological amount of not-happy-bunny stuff would emerge and frankly, I hate that.

"...and then, after the baby burst into a mass of flaming splinters, thieves broke in and stole my kidneys."

So, here I am.

The good news is that the proverbial light at the ned of the tunnel is still there and the more curious news is that while that light at the end of that tunnel has singularly failed to get closer (or, to be fair, I to it) another light at the end of another tunnel has manifested itself and that one is approaching and rather quickly.

So, here's a tiny bit of a weird announcement: I'm now a skincare mogul.

No, really.

The short version is that we (the "1:10 Skincare" crew, have invented something we think rather revolutionary. And we're going to see if Adam Smith was right.

And, truth be told, we're sick of the Great Recession. Sick and tired of being sick and tired, to coin a phrase.


That's the big reveal. Once that is up and running (we're in the final phase of gathering up potential equity partners, a process made even more byzantine by the ridiculous regulatory labyrinth the Federal gummint has established) I'll FINALLY get to tell you part 1, which will prove riveting.

There ya go, Kim...a blog entry in a mere 12 min.



Frogdancer said…
See? It isn't that hard, is it? A mere 12 minutes.
and if you go on the home shopping channel I'm going to de-friend you.
Joke said…
The only reason I'll EVER go on television is to have my own cooking show.
Paola said…
I'm rather lost but waiting for Part 1 anyway. Maybe it'll enlighten me.
Major Bedhead said…
Well, that looks like an interesting product.

You should pitch a pairing meals with drinks-making show to the cooking channels. That might make me get cable again.

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