For added fun...

Blogger had disabled the blog, so I didn't see any of the kind comments until now. It turns out someone from Japan, using my identity for reasons which have not yet been adequately explored, was sending random Internet users some Gentlemen's Special Interest Literature.

Blogger took exception thereto and shut it down.

Only the notice this was being done was sent to my GMail's spam folder. (Stop and ponder why Google would flag its own messages as spam.)

At any rate, you are all exceedingly kind and my gratitude surpasses my capacity to express.

To answer some questions:

Jen - Coming soon to a website near you and, one hopes shortly thereafter, a major retailer nearer you.

My downward trajectory from being "in the 1%" to um, not being anywhere even remotely near the 1% in a matter of a few weeks to the (Deo volente) return to being able to breathe again will make an interesting series of posts.

There is betrayal, revenge, forgiveness, perseverance, surprise discoveries, some science, some more surprised discoveries, continual putting-out of fires, herding cats, goat rodeos, wanting to take -- yet, admirably, refraining from taking -- blunt and sharp implements to many people who richly deserve such a fate, howling, imprecations, colossal wastes of time, arguments, stress, humo(u) of the "angry logic" variety, loyalty, friendship and, a consummation devoutly to be wished, profitability.

For those so inclined, you can glance at the blog we have up in expectation of the eventual website. Yes, I am keenly aware of the irony that I, of all people, would be at the vanguard of something that is:

a) skincare
b) all-natural and organic
c) a bit of a breakthrough in something scientific

Not quite as startling as, say, Gordon Ramsay producing a masterpiece of Greek Orthodox theology, but in that general area.


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