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Mountainous me.

Envy me!

Steal this rum

Let me try it this way.

My quarterly blog post, a month late.

YES, another recipe.

This may or may not involve a recipe.

It's a process to get one's groove back.

Sesame Noodles, or An Ideal Way To Use Up Leftover Chicken, Vol. 1

It Was A Close Run Thing

Dad, 1934-2012

And now, brioche.

A bread recipe.

More Leo in the news

I'll quit procrastinating later

"That's black magic, that is!"

Let the record show *I* was not surprised.

My favorite cookies (or "biscuits")

At 5:12am.

The "Leo" saga...some theories.

More fun with "Leo"

If you want to find out more about "Leo"

For those following along at home...