At 5:12am.

I don't always hate my insomnia.

I hate it when there's not a bloody thing to do. I don't suffer from insomnia, I suffer from boredom.

So it's 5:13am now, none of my pals can be found online, there's nothing on the Internet. Appalling stuff.

On the upside, I have discovered how to make pickles which is so absurdly cheap and simple and yield such fantastic results my children are treating the entire endeavor as a sort of exercise in the very darkest magic.

Salt, vinegar, dill (seed AND fronds), touch of garlic, mustard and allspice, bit of water and cucumbers. Three days at room temperature and ta-dah.



where were you LAST night when I was awake until 3am, huh? HUH?
JMG said…
Don't blame me, I'm not the one who stuck Australia so many bloody time zones ahead of us.
Paola said…
... and you have homemade dills now, thanks to insomnia.

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