"That's black magic, that is!"

Because you asked, I'll be blogging on the matter of pickles.

I had gone to one of those MegaPlusWarehouseClub places where you can't buy ONE cucumber, you must buy a trillion cucumbers. Getting good and sick of 99.99% of said cucumbers spoiling, I decided to try my hand at making pickles.

Which I like. Pickles, I mean. They go on various sandwiches and burgers and, in moderation, may be readily nibbled straight. So I cobbled together a bit of coarse salt, water, vinegar, dill seed and dillweed, garlic and cucumbers (the "Kirby" varietal is the one you want if you're doing this in the USA).


My kids think I have performed the wildest voodoo. Turning water into wine or getting Lazarus to wake up from the dead wouldn't prove nearly as impressive. Even better, they are consuming these by the barrel.

Next batch, I'll post the recipe with photos.



Paola said…
Homemade pickles. Yum.
Photos are always welcome and appreciated.
BreadBox said…
Well, you stop reading blogs for a month or two because of crazy travel schedules, children, etc, and look at all the stuff that happens!
Glad you're through-ish with Leo, and hope that all recovers as best as it can.
And most of all, yes, photos and recipes!
Always, where food is concerned.

blackbird said…
You ought to open a place with K.
He's doing bacon.
Bacon all the time. In many forms.

You'll need a burger though. Kobe beef anyone?
JMG said…
How's he smoking the bacon?

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