My quarterly blog post, a month late.

I'm still around.

Mostly on Twitter (@JMGIII), occasionally on Facebook. But I'm around. So catch me there.

But I miss the bloggery and sometimes I miss the bloggery when I have something I want to say at the time I miss the bloggery and have the time to do so.

Like, um, now.

But I've been busy. Work stuff. (Getting back up after the Great Recession hath landed on thee and thine is no picnic.) Also finished a book (memoirs, with recipes) and a screenplay. I fear I may never amount to much as an author, given that writing* comes TOO easily and, if the for-real authors I have met are anything to go by, I am also nowhere near neurotic enough.
Also working on a YouTube thing (pretty embryonic) for recipes and general tomfoolery on my part.

And, of course, Investment Banking. Because that's what the world needs more of, capitalism,l recipes and screenplays. Simultaneously.


Where was I?

*Blogging -- at least these days? -- not so much.


Paola said…
Well hello!
I'll look you up on FB if I can find you ...
Poppy Buxom said…
See, I was under the impression that you were on FB a LOT. With the added bonus that you don't post pictures of your pets. But I guess all that means is that most of my FB friends are lurkers. Or crazy cat ladies.

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