Today we inaugurate (stop it...grow up) a little something I'm trying out. As I alluded previously, the film L.A. Story stated all of the great truths can be encapsulated in TV and movie lines; and I want to illustrate such truths (not all of these truths are particularly momentous, but there ya go) via some clips and explanations.

Let's start by you clicking on this:

Here's the thing.

One of the most important things I've discovered is to learn to make it easy (or easier) for people to accept you. Not everyone will, and we're not talking about this in the Grand Important Sense, so don't go there. But many times you will be in a situation where well-developed Zelig-ability comes in very, very handy.

Not just for practical reasons (you sell widgets and want a "hook" with the guy who could buy eleventy squillion of 'em), but also because you can get insight into how and why people think the way they do, and this can lead to a better understanding between you. You may still disagree on hot-buttons issues but getting a heightened sense of the hows-and-whys of someone else's brain pattern is a crucial first step in more meaningfully relating to someone else.


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