Once more, into the breach(ish)

As some of you may have learned from the so-called "news media" I'll be taking a sabbatical from FB and Twitter. No, it won't be absolute; I'll still pop by every once in a while, but it'll be rather thorough, this hiatus.

The very short reason is that it's not fun anymore.

I don't want to restrict anyone's expression of viewpoints, but in my case the volume (and, as it were, temperature) of such expressions reached a saturation point for me. For me -- and you are at absolute liberty to have a divergent perspective -- that's not the purpose of social media.

If I wanted to revel in discord and acrimony I'd be paying attention to real life. But since I don't, I don't.

However, I must give voice (or print) to whatever thought trespasses on my brain's airspace, so this will be the spot. I'll merge all of my other things HERE (eventually) so feel free to rummage around.

Until I regain my sea legs this will be my shtick: I'll post a video that brings up an interesting point, and then I'll discuss it from a perspective you've likely not encountered anywhere.


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