To give a brief analogy to explain why I'm significantly curtailing my FB and Twitter time:

Think of a park. It's your favorite park. You feel relaxed and at ease there, you see things pleasing to the eye. One day, you go to the park and you see it is full of people. They are carrying signs. Many are dear friends. While you agree (strongly or mildly) with some of the signs, disagree (strongly or mildly) with other signs, you generally like all of the sign-carriers whom you recognize.

Anyway, you walk around for a while, drinking in this scene and, not really being able to do at the park those things for which you go to the park, you head home.

Same thing happens the next day. And the one after that. That doesn't mean that what people are expressing shouldn't be expressed, or that they are terrible people for expressing these things, or even that they shouldn't be at this park expressing them.

But you realize the park you used to enjoy visiting is no longer an enjoyable place for you. And so, on one fine day you simply stop going.


P.S. There may be some periods of clutter as I consolidate various things into this one blog. Don't panic.


Carolyn said…
I am beginning to feel like the park is also littered with dirty syringes. Xanax, take me away.

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