Why the layout of this blog is farked.

Epochs ago, I popped $50 for "Lunastone" to custom design for me a blog template. All was well. However, the images that made up the borders, etc. were being hosted by Photobucket. One day, without any warning whatsoever, PB decided that they were not going to do this for free any longer, and did some coding voodoo that RIDDLED this blog with the image "THIS IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE ERROR 500" from one pixel to the last. After much digging, I discovered it was the tiny little "border" JPGs that were the offending article and, rather than pay PB so much as Cent One (never mind FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS...per year. All for just one little border) I yanked it out.

So, while I figure out how to fix this, please pardon my cyber dust. 

-The Management


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