A quick catch up, and my New Year's (2019) resolution.

Dear Internet,

Much on which to bring you up to speed.

Where we last left things I was going to add details to our New Orleans trip. Which I will, including a HERETICAL recipe for weeknight Jambalaya. There are two short takeaways for now. 1- For you to have even "meh" food in New Orleans you have to make a Herculean effort. Even then, you may not get down to "meh" level quality. Everyone there, and I mean EVERYONE, is hyper-serious about food. There's a saying which seems very true: The reasons the restaurants* are so good is because every home cook is so good.

Beachbum Berry's Latitude 29 is a near flawless gem. My only teeny gripe is that it has windows which let in light and/or a views from the street. The staff is great, the happy hour specials are great, the drinks -- both classics and new ones alike -- are great, and the prices will give you reverse sticker shock. We went there three times on that trip, and it was only a five day trip.

Anyway, pictures will be added to this post, honest. (I'll change the headline to UPDATE: A quick, etc.)

The other major thing revolves around a conference which I attended in London, and something of a 180 degree career change. The trip part of that deserves its own post, but I have to craft it carefully as not all the characters in that story, erm, cover themselves in glory. Another part of that trip impacts the mighty Doug Winship's Tiki Month, as I will discuss a visit to Trader Vic's London outpost where, rather than werewolves, I ran into Russians who wanted me to engage -- for what they assured me was a very reasonable fee -- into a slightly different sort of collusion.

Finally there's the relatively mundane aspect of straightening out Trader Vic's Rum Keg, as I did the Trader Vic's Scorpion Bowl last year, in which all of these matters are alloyed into a coherent whole.

The last thing about which I want to cover in this brief catch up is that, spirits-wise, Santa was very good to me.


P.S. I intend to review the various options available to a discerning cocktailian in the triple sec/CuraƧao spectrum.

* By restaurants I mean not just the fancy places, but the it-aspires-to-one-day-be-a-hole-in-the-wall kind of place.


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