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Some perspective is in order.

Do something useful.

Hackneyed, but true.

Mad Props and Irony

Hell. Handcart. Making good time.

Here's something new.

Stress shopping

Photographic evidence.

More detail

Mo' irony

The irony runs--gallops, even--through it

Because you care.

To set the record straight [rolls eyes]

Remain calm

To further enlighten BabelBabe

Deja vu, all over again

It's like a desert out here and that's just the way I like it.


And this was ever in doubt?

Why you need this book

The Wish List

Fluid dreams

So, SO brazenly swiped from Badger...

Stop it! STOP IT!!! (Pt. 2)

It's official

All the other kids are doing it!

Now Read This.

A man of my word.

Sometimes I listen to Poppy

Sure, it seems a long way away...

It looks like we are "GO" for launch.


Badger Hates Jazz

Well, poo.

This way lies madness.

So here's what I'm thinking

It'll have to keep

Jot this down

Just catching up [Revised]

Things Without Which You Oughtn't Live, Part 5

It hurts to be THIS ahead of the curve.