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Wait! It gets better!


It only takes one loathsome idiot to ruin your day.

Taking a break.

Summer Harbingery

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Required Reading - The Kitchen

A sterling PITA

Shaving 101

OK. Here we go. [UPDATED!]

Mail call.

It's all my damned fault.

...and speaking of me...

How I got this way.

Whisper words of wisdom.

All hail Badger.

A convoluted "Thank You!" to Poppy, and a heads-up for everyone

REM was right.

Tattoo you.

Happy Mother's Day!

Us ack om ah en-ist UPDATED

Showing and telling

"This was mah laughin' place!" said Br'er Rabbit

A survey (of sorts)

Sue me.


Earth-shattering, life-altering discovery du jour

On a morning like this one...


Contest #3 - Update!

For Julia


Strange crushes.


Only moderately embarrassing

I'm loving it.

Embarrassing Tales