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So you know.

Unexpected leave

Sometimes Evil Buys A Minivan or "Passive Aggressive Love"

Just for Badge

Chocolaty goodness

I don't care and you can't make me.

The end is nigh!

Contest #2 Update #2

To further annoy my lovely, yet pessimistic wife.

A mildly-desperate plea for help

In which I get spanked like a three year old at WalMart

Contest #2 Update.

In which I die, just a little bit.

What's inherited cannot be stolen.


You can't always get what you want.

How To Worry Your Spouse

Do try to not drink it straight from the bottle

All the cool kids are doing it

The Girl I Married

Sneak Preview of Contest #3 and Kudos

You like me! You REALLY like me!

While we're at it.

Confession Sunday

Contest #2 Rules and $#!+

Check your answers

Dark Horse wins!

Contest Update #2

Beer me, dude.

Problems and solutions.

S&T weirdness

Confession Is Good For The Soul

The Great Big Post of Why

Snacking like a pedant

Pedantic Onion Dip

Required Reading

Someone please talk some sense into me...


This week's S&T


Contest contest!

Well, this is how I cope with boredom.

Contest Update

Consolation Prize

The Contest!

Waiting for Godot

Recipe-free blog entry