Do try to not drink it straight from the bottle

Dear Internet,

At my local Foodie Hut Emporium (the one popular among hip urban 30somethings in Bentleys with Stalinist bumperstickers, not the one frequented by aging Stalinists with VW microbuses papered over in Stalinist bumperstickers) they had this small sampler section of "infused maple syrups" from a place called Moosewood Hollow. They had a nice young lady with a lab coat handing out paper thimbles with the various flavors: Sweet Chai, Sweet Savory, Sweet Lavender, Sweet Heat and Sweet Ginger.

Most of these, frankly, sucked. The Sweet Ginger, though, I could see using in Asian-inspired desserts.


They have this one called Sweet Autumn.


It's essentially Maple Syrup gone to finishing school. Basically, it's infused with the aromatics that go into the things upon which you put maple syrup anyway. Primarily stuff like vanilla and cinnamon. So, you score a double hit (and amazing depth of flavor) out of your pancakes, french toast and/or waffles.

It's pretty pricy, so it shan't replace my Vermont Sugarworks Grade B, but for something more frou-frou or perhaps a bit more innovative, brunchwise, it's the ticket. Go try it!



Lazy cow said…
Oh oh I was in foodie ecstacy reading this post. Of course, there's no way I'll get this in Australia. You'll just have to have my share for me.
Joke said…
You're in luck.

They SHIP TO AUSTRALIA. Email for details to:

You're welcome,

-J., enabler
julia said…
No fucking WAY. I am a maple syrup junkie - it's a toss up which I like better, syrup, coffee or chocolate. If I could combine all three in a palatable way, I'd be SO happy. There's no way I'm even going to LOOK for that stuff because next thing you know, I'll be behind the Whole Foods, sleeping in the recylced carboard dumpster, wearing cabbage leaves for clohtes, mainlining Sweet Autumn Maple Syrup.

If this happens, I shall blame it all on you, Joke.
Joke said…
They say it's stellar for nursing mothers.

julia said…
"G'wan, you know you want to. All the cool kids are doing it. Just once, it won't hurt you. First one's free!"
Joke said…
P.S. I'll take you up on the challenge of coffee/chocolate infused maple syrup.
Poppy Buxom said…
The lack of fat in maple syrup (or any other syrup, for that matter) makes adding chocolate flavor a problem. Real chocolate contains fat; syrup doesn't. That's one of the reasons you get that odd off-taste in Hershey's syrup. Also why no one has ever come up with a good chocolate flavored soft drink.

If I wanted to combine the flavors, I'd do a mocha creme brulee, using maple sugar for the broiled sugar topping. Or I'd do a dark chocolate genoise with a coffee buttercream filling napped with alternating stripes of maple syrup and vanilla creme anglaise.

Not that I'm a foodie or anything.


One whose college tuition was paid by chocolate in its many guises, none of which were fat-free.
Joke said…
Or just a mocha ganache, with maple sugar.

Still, I thought the off flavors in Hershey's Syrup had to do with things like sodium benzoate and corn syrup.

julia said…
Damn, Poppy. Now I have to wipe the drool out of my keyboard.

Except I read that as coffee buttercream-filled nappie and thought "Ew. Wrong. Bad and wrong." I'm so glad I read that wrong.

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