How To Worry Your Spouse

As we discussed last session, TFBIM is someone who cannot face good news without a barrage of pessimistic questions and much handwringing. I told her that my reaction to same would be to buy something stupidly extravagant like, say, a Ferrari.

So, because I'm quite frankly a terrible, terrible man, with a questionable sense of humor, I am leaving pictures on my screen like this:

and this:
open on my desktop.

(For those of you scoring at home, this is a 1967 Dino Spyder. It is looked upon with some disfavor in rarefied Ferrari circles because it was assembled by Fiat and it has a back seat; therefore it is actually quite a steal and only looks like it could drain both college funds in one gulp. That'll be our little secret, m'kay?)

Yes, I know.



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