Contest #2 Update.

I haven't exactly decided what to do with this, but...

I found, as I was rummaging, for stuff to toss in the garbage give away as prizes, this:

So, here are the choices (vote in the combox):

1- Offer it as some sort of bonus, extra-credit thing for the contest winner
2- Make this the 2nd place prize
3- Make it the prize for some sidebar competition (say, the person whose playlist least resembles mine)


This one I didn't swipe. I sent in 6 bottle caps for it my last year of B-School.

As you were.



Peg said…
Could you make it a sort of "I know you're trying... you're hopeless, but you *are* trying..." prize?

Truthfully I'm smitten with that glass, which is why I'm trying to invent a circumstance that boosts my chances of actually *winning* it.
Joke said…
That's a possibility! A sort of Miss Congeniality prize.


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