How many of you have tried to leave a comment on any blogger blog, only to get stuck with "smenita" as a WVW which doesn't work?

Yeah, me too.



Lazy cow said…
Yes, I spent about 2 frustrated hours trying to leave comments. Thank goodness I've got kregmug today.
blackbird said…
I believe it's the word veribots taking over.
BabelBabe said…
do you ever wonder if there's some deranged individual crouched over a computer somewhere devising these word verifs? Because sometimes they are just right on, and it scares me. As does the smenita thing.
Joke said…
Maybe it's some guy with 20/40000 vision using Scrabble tiles and no eyeglasses.

julia said…
I think it's some vindictive bastard who puts up progressively harder and harder words as the comments increase.

Paranoid? Who you callin' paranoid?

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