Contest Update

For some reason, the cookbook contest is drawing a bigger crowd than the Braun Multipractic immersion blender, with beaker, chopper thingy and wall mount. In fact, some bona fide lurkers have swallowed their collective pride and joined in.


Some of the regulars, in an attempt to be funny, have accidentally answered some questions correctly. Purely by chance, but these things happen. Still, there are 9 days to go...

I am thinking of having a contest every month or so, the better to divest myself of stuff.


P.S. I realize some contestants may be from Distant Lands where their electrical systems may be incompatible with the Braun Multipractic immersion blender, with beaker, chopper thingy and wall mount, which may explain the desire for the cookbook. Maybe Julia Della Croce cuts a better figure than Braun. [shrug]


Badger said…
Or maybe it's because the people going for the cookbook don't have to spend 487 hours wading through your archives? Perhaps?
blackbird said…
accident schmaccident...

if YOU read MY blog you will see that I wrote that I know that SOME of my answers are right, and some I fudged.

jujube said…
I think Badger is on to something...

plus it allows us to be smart*sses.

not that I indulge in that behavior myself, of course.
Joke said…
Um, BB, I was talking about the lurkers, not you.

Jujube...y'may be on to something.

Poppy Buxom said…
I'm so sorry; I've been unclear. Let me try to clarify:

1. I'm aiming for the Hitachi Magic Wand, not the cookbook.

2. All of my answers are based on what I remember of your blog entries. I am not doing any re-reading. I figure that not only do I save time, but you can discover which parts of your blog are more memorable than others. What you'll do with that knowledge, I know not, but it still saves me a ton of rereading.

3. Who are these lurkers? Aren't they supposed to announce in your "combox" that they've tossed their hat into the ring? (See, I do remember some stuff.)
Joke said…

Just so you know, it includes a wall mount and you--and I scarcely need remind you--are a married woman.


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