Chocolaty goodness

Dear Internet,

I'm ridiculously allergic to chocolate. Still, I like it. I'm not addicted to it (as many people are, using its high phenylethylamine content for antidepressant-like self-medicating purposes) but I like it just fine.

Anyway here is my fave:

Ghirardelli's 56% Semisweet. Not too sweet or gloppy on the tongue like milk chocolate, no add-ins to detract from the fractal texture, nothing but a pure hit of chocolate flavor, with just enough sugar and vanilla to make said hit delicious instead of bitterly painful.

This makes it worthwhile to have to take the anti-histamine.



julia said…
Seriously? Allergic to chocolate? Man, that sucks.

Ghirardelli is good. I love their semi-sweet chocolate chips and the recipe for cookies on the back is better than toll house.

I don't know what it is with all the chocolate talk all over the blogosphere the last few days, but I'm having a heavy duty urge for some. Which I'm about to indulge as I ditch work early and go to Tar-jay.
Joke said…
Yeah. Seriously. It'd suck worse if I was crazy about chocolate, instead of being merely positively disposed thereto.

I have chocolate and I take my antihistamine and I fall asleep and all is good.

Joke said…
P.S. I agree about the CC and the cookie recipe, and their manifest superiority to Nestle's Toll House's.
blackbird said…
gosh -
I WAS here to comment on your sense of fair play - seeing as how you posted and all...and usually what with the camera thingy and the cable going missing...
but then I got off on these tangents!
there's like 7 posts here for two days!
I can't take it captain!

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