This week's S&T

The subject ("eyes") frankly struck me a somewhere between unusual and kinda creepy...but I feel guilty that I haven't had the presence of mind to have the camera wire thingy on S&T day for the longest time, and thus, I felt guilty. So here it is.


Yes, I know I look like a low-rent Svengali. But this is the only picture without flash glare on the lenses of my eyeglasses and for those who have known me since age 8, I am ALWAYS wearing glasses. (I have 4 pair in active rotation, and 3 pair Rx of sunglasses also in active rotation)



blackbird said…
oh, yeah, when I think of you, I immediately picture "low rent svengali" --
in mtm shirts. with an italian car.
BabelBabe said…
low-rent svengali would be an awesome name for a band.
Joke said…
I wish I woulda thought of that when I had a band, all those years ago.


P.S. You can't see the car or the shirts in the eyeball picture. Gack...I look like I'm peering through some housewife's blinds.
Lazy cow said…
You have lovely eyes Mr Joke.
BabelBabe said…
or some housewife's mail slot.

now WHY does that sound dirty?
Sarah Louise said…
Maybe it's just all the laughing. Okay, so if you want to lose five pounds, get the flu, have no appetite for a week, and read blogs. Laughter burns up calories. It does. I do not have the scientific data with me at the moment....

she does not win the short vw this time.

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