What's inherited cannot be stolen.

The above is an old Spanish aphorism.

I was thinking about it because elsewhere in the blogosphere, people were a-ruminatin' on the matter of motion sickness while reading in a moving vehicle.

This is something with which I wish I could sympathize. But I canna. My sister could, if she actually bothered to read* because she gets motion sickness quite easily. So does TFBIM--easier in fact, because TFBIM gets motion sickness in a rocking chair or hammock--but she only reads in bed.

The most legendary victim of motion sickness in the family is my dad. When I was 11, my working-75-hours-a-week dad decided to set aside time for Father & Son Things and decided to take me fishing. So we went and rented a boat and he took some Dramamine, which proved insufficient, so he took more and then more, until he passed out and it took 11 year old me 4 hours to get us back to the dock at the boat rental place, plus another hour in the car until my dad had snapped-to sufficiently to drive us home. Funny thing, my dad was the age I am now.

NOS and NTS both have inherited the "good" motion sickness gene.

Some other genes of mine have been passed down upon them, some good some not-so-much.

NOS has my intellectual curiosity. Just last week he was asking me to write down the letters of the Greek alphabet. He often asks me/TFBIM what a certain word or phrase is in Italian/French.
NOS has also inherited the "what are you, STUPID?" gene from me.
NTS has inherited the how-does-this-work-? gene from me, but, alas, also the let-me-zone-out-while-I-figure-out-how-this-works gene.
NOS has inherited the cooking gene, but also the foodie snob gene.
NTS has inherited the affectionate gene, but also the Evil Mr. Mischief gene.
NOS has inherited the reading gene, but also the Interrupt-me-while-I-read-and-die gene.
NTS has inherited the ignore-the-pain gene, but also the Decapitation-?-I'll-just-walk-it-off gene.
NOS has inherited the solo sports gene, but also the team-sports-are-for-cavepesons gene.
NTS has inherited the computer gene, but also the computers-are-like-crack gene.
NOS has inherited the lush gene.

Now, not to snitch on TFBIM, but NOS inherited her "why?" gene. If I ask TFBIM to do X, instead of accepting what I suggest on faith, she reflexively asks "Why?" and it gives me no end of pleasure to see NOS driving her mental by behaving exactly the same way. Much like NOS also inherited her inability to keep quiet about any physical discomfort**.

Why...yes, I'm a twisted SOB. Why do you ask?


* She hasn't read a book with pages and a cover since graduate school. In fact, the only books she has "read" are the Harry Potter audiobooks. 6 audiobooks in 17 years. That's it, AFAIK.
** When I feel particularly obnoxious I treat TFBIM to my rendition of the best line from Raising Arizona: "Sometimes I get the meanstrual cramps real hard."


jujube said…
I am prone to motion sickness. however I can read aloud to Mr. D if I am riding in the Big Red Pickup Truck. I think this has something to do with being high enough to see the horizon and not the road (this truck is Very Big).

however the downside of getting used to this is now I tend to get carsick riding in The Fancy Sports Car.
julia said…
People who don't read are like a rare, weird species to me. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that I don't really *like* people who don't read. Call me a snob, call me a bitch, whatever, I don't care.
Badger said…
I missed this motion sickness discussion of which you speak, but I can't read in ANY moving vehicle without getting sick. This includes airplanes. Ask me how bad THAT sucks.

Oh, and dude! My boy child, just this week, decided all on his own to begin a study of the Greek alphabet! I shite thee not! Weirdness abounds.
MsCellania said…
My dh gets so motion sick, it's awful.

For me, not him. He always has to drive, and he's a champion futzer. ACK! Just back the car out of the driveway already! Quit with the going back into the house 11 times for stuff; fiddling with the mirrors, adjusting the seat -- JUST DRIVE.

Then, on trips, I have THREE children to manage; our 2 little boys and him. He's done the prune thing too with dramamine "Is 3 too many, 2 not enough?" and then goes into the sleep of the dead just in time to disembark. Once, in a fit of pique, I almost left him slumped and snoozing in the window seat. "Let him wake up in Baltimore - that'd fix him!" But I needed the Sherpa, so I gave him a poke in the slats and bellowed BEER! That woke him up!

And I LOVE Coen Bros movies! And too funny; MEANSTRAL cramps? Or those really, really mean-bad MENSTRUAL cramps?
Carolyn said…
The interrupt me while I'm reading and die gene is my favorite.
--erica said…
So.. could you write down the letters in the Greek alphabet?

My kids can read greek. It scares me.

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