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Yes, it's stupid.

Oh, and something else.

Joke's Book Club: Not your father's chick-lit.

This much I know.


Today's Lesson: How To Incur Your Beloved's Wrath* With No Effort On Your Part



It ain't much, but it's all I have

Please stand by.

Grand Theft Cinema

SAHD 101 - A Case Study

...and then we break into a dead sprint

Deranged, but with an explanation.

Nope, my mind's made up.


Starting with a bang.

Thrifty? That's nothing

I'm a tease.

"ARRGH!" and not in a pirate way.

"Teaching the lepers how to sing."

Tiny interruption.

An eerie stillness

Testing, testing.

Remedial Husbandry: A Synopsis

Adding both texture and detail

In the year 2525...

Getting going in earnest

I've not figured it out, either.

The Review of the Year In Review