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Upon alighting from my coma...

Note the time stamp.

Thanksgiving 101 - The Gratitude

Feed me, Seymour

Like that 12 Days of Christmas Song, Only Not Like That

Thanksgiving 101 - The Stuffing/Dressing

Playlist for an online-ish day

More miscellanea

5am, so that's, like an IMPROVEMENT, right?

Thanksgiving 101 - The Pie

So it's 4 a.m., so what?

Tuxedo Dysfunction

Red, you say?

For BabelBabe

A preemptive strike on Seasonal Rants

Joke's Book Club


Now I am really, REALLY mad.

Still working on the video, but until then...

I just KNOW you guys think I'm crazy...

It's the Holiday Season you can tell

Thanksgiving 101 - The Potatoes or...Make Me Write Bad Checks


Kudos and brickbats

No, I'm a social user...I could quit any time I wanted to.

How your 8 year-old scares the snot outa you

Book recommendation

Thanksgiving 101 - The Turkey

Just some random things, Pt. 2

The Last Days of Disco

Just for Badger

Better than sex!