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I'll be meme for Christmas

It's a fact of life.

This made my day yesterday.

Abduct me from the Seraglio, please.

Making room.

Thankfulness (for real)

A little NyQuil-fueled history lesson.

Lazy Cow's Blog - R.I.P.

Y'ain't seen nothin' yet.



Allegedly, the procrastination meme.

Badger's inadvertent meme

Who do you love?

Who? Me?

A burnt offering.

You always have to be different, don't you?

You don't care and I can't make you.

Oh, yeah, while I'm at it.

Let me tell you exactly how bad things sucked.

Crockpottery. New & Improved!

Joke's Book Club (Nov. 3)

Same Thing, But VERY Different


Govern yourself accordingly.