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Today's FPM

I am, naturally, a rising star.

JokeFest update!

Still not the FPM (part 3)

Not the FPM, Part II

Not The FPM

On the matter of design

Yet another update

No, no, no. (part 2)

Surprise? What Surprise?

The Aftermath

Illicit Plumbery

How To Make Women Swoon

In which Poppy swerves into an important truth

I caught it from Badger

The Car Museum Fundraiser Thing

So, you're, um wondering why...

Pause the insanity!

Top this

The Roomates (stolen from Badge)

It's worse than I thought.

Once you go black...

The triumph of hope over experience

You know who you are

Now THAT's amore.

Somewhere between a rant and a whine

Repeat offender

Getting back to normal

It's the little things...

Sometimes happiness is delivered by the USPS

Mo' meme madness

In other news

Nerdier than thou

In which Joke finally blows a gasket.

Now, um, where were we?

A strange instance of common ground

Tag, I'm it

At least I'm not alone.

Assorted Hurricane-ness