The triumph of hope over experience

We do not need to rehash the saga of the long-awaited car that ended up sucking. Its suckitude remains thorough, impressive and complete. So, um, how crazy am I to go and buy another car? Part of the Lessons Learned The Hard Way is not to go through eBay for the car purchasing thing UNLESS I can have the car mo' professionally looked over well prior to plunking down coin.

Anyway, a client of mine needs visiting up in NYC--usually he comes down here, escaping wintry annoyances--and while there I shall take the opportunity to peruse a car similar to the one that sucks. This car's owner promises it to be in pristine shape and he strikes me as being the same Henry V/Band of Brothers/OCD type of car guy I am. As opposed to the other guy who let the car sit, undriven, outside for months on end. This other car also has a far more attractive black-on-black (an all-black interior is the WAY rare and WAY desirable option) color scheme, as opposed to the car that sucks, which is white with a black and tan interior to which I have never cottoned.

Also, the price of this car, albeit 35% higher than the one that sucks, seems to be a bigger bargain, since it won't nickel-and-dime my ass to death like the one that sucks which already has begun to spring financial leaks just to get it saleable in a reBay sort of way. I figure I can EASILY get half my money out of the car that sucks and, if it all works well, maybe even break even. Which would be cool.

Keep your collective fingers crossed.



Badger said…
Okay, so, you're buying a black car with a black interior and you live in a part of the country that's lucky to see temps in the 60s in the dead of winter.

Well, sure. That makes perfect sense.
Not to ME, but to someone, I'm sure.
Joke said…
Um, Badge, part of my fanaticism is ALWAYS putting a car cover on my cars.

-Joke, car OCD
If you could learn to love regular old cars, you wouldn't have a problem with cars that suck. Black with black doesn't work where I live either. In the summer the interior would be a zillion degrees.

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