Somewhere between a rant and a whine

The SoFla area has many incomparable advantages over other, lesser, parts of the country. Used bookstores ain't one of them.

As is my wont, I like to go bloghopping, and one of my fave trails is to follow the links of people who are in love with the written word as much as I am. Often this leads to someone who has a link to a used bookstore (sometimes more!) which only heightens my pain that the one used bookstore we used to have is no more. Maybe they moved, maybe aliens abducted the two old ladies with the greying crewcuts, the 47 silver earrings and the Birks. I don't know.

So there you have it.



Joke, have no fear. They weren't abducted, I saw them working here: Welcome to Portland, Oregon, where rationale suffers and old hippies come to die!
Badger said…
No no, I'm pretty sure those ladies moved to Austin. I see them all the time down at Sun Harvest. The tall one really knows her cheese!

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