Once you go black...

Badge questioned my sanity on the matter of owning a black car w. a black interior in God's Sauna (i.e. SoFla). Oh, ye of little faith.

I have always had one for the other car, and now one for this one. And yes, I am RUTHLESS about always putting it on. Not only does it save the paint and interior, but it makes cooling down the car with the A/C a LOT easier, regardless how macho-man powerful your climate control is.

Get one of these, people.

-Joke, car geek


Badger said…
Okay, but do you put the cover on when you actually drive and park it someplace public-like? Doesn't that just beg for people to bang on it with hammers and stuff? Or do they only do that in Texas?

I dunno. I'm not one to judge, obviously, given my surfeit of X chromosomes and whatnot. Forget I said anything!
blackbird said…
Badge -
I cannot believe you are going down this road with him.
I have a brother like him (they have collided on my blog) and I hafta tell you, he will have an answer for everything. EVERYTHING when it comes to his, um, vehicle.
Joke said…

Um. Yeah. I think automotive hammering is a TX thing. In FL they'll just steal your cover which is why I bought the cable lock attachment thing.

In fact, I have left a car of my ownership uncovered MAYBE thrice since 2001. I have been known to do this while it's been raining. I even was fool enough to suggest TFBIM get a cover for the minivan, since it's (chronologically) still a newborn, but it looks like Lillian Gish on a bender. She looked at me as if I were an ideal passenger on the Disoriented Express.


I have an answer for everything, not just matters related to my car(s). My wife finds that obnoxious also.

BabelBabe said…
It's like a giant blue car condom.

Safe driving, Joke!
Joke said…
I'm certain there is an elegant pun related to driving through a tunnel in here somewhere, but decorum prohibits my working that out in public.

L. said…
Please tell me you didnt buy an alfa, much less a black one.

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