Repeat offender

It's happened again. A pal of mine has notified me of the demise of an iMac. Sadly this is the same iMac which, if memory serves, had died and was, after much Dr. Frankenstein-ing, resurrected twice. So the casualties mount.

This brings up the number of such failures to my knowledge to 8 (this being the first "triple").

The handwriting is on the wall.



Poppy Buxom said…
1. It's an iBook (i.e., the laptop, not the iMac desktop--which is also scrod, but is also very very old.)

2. The laptop has actually been sent back to Apple for repairs *six times.* In just over two years.

3. On the other hand. Not only have I--in 20 years of using Macs--never had a virus, I've never installed a firewall, pop-up squasher, anti-virus software, or anything to stop adware.

--P., currently posting via an old Dell laptop with a cracked screen--for its hard drive and keyboard-- interfaced with a Dell desktop monitor (which is attached to a thoroughly virus-destroyed hard drive.)
Joke said…
So, um, the first time someone develops a Mac-only virus you're as prepared as the natives of Borneo against smallpox?

-Joke, who has a special Trojan for the laptop and a bubble room for the PC.
Poppy Buxom said…
Yep, that's me. A febrile Bornean.

But that will only happen when the hackers of the world decide to do the hacking equivalent of counterfeiting one dollar bills.

There are some advantages to comprising less than 5 percent of the market.

Joke said…
Be careful that one of the 188 people who read this blog isn't one of those likely to do that.


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