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Rule #1: "Don't panic"

California, here I come.

Because you asked...

Please bring in The Negotiator

Not that you asked.

Not a bed of roses

High Society

Things You Couldn't Know By Reading This Blog

Magazines, magazines everywhere and not a page to read.

Infinite blog fun

Mad Props du jour

Happy Birthday Numbah One Son

...and DONE!

A brief blog hiatus

A parenting rant

Ahead of the curve for Christmas


Thought you ought to know

Bastille Day

Like a long lost friend...[REVISED]

Don't just take MY word for it.

You heard it here first

Things without which you oughtn't live. Pt. 4

More exercise wackiness

How I wound up here (Part 2)

Stop it, just STOP IT

So you can remain updated

Blogger is...

Yet more Badger pilferage

How I wound up here (Part 1)

The light at the end of the tunnel...

Things suck, but shan't suck forever

In case you wondered

Things, they sucketh mightily

Here we go again.

Subtropical suburbia

There'll always be an England

Mom's Birthday and the Japanese Cow

Because you asked.

The right thing for (says you) the wrong reason


Bored on the Fourth of July

Like Badger, only slightly more so

So as to leave no doubt...


"Dude, Where's My Car?" or "Incompetence is the first sign of evil"

The Hate List

The Love List