Things without which you oughtn't live. Pt. 4

If you like s'mores, and you ought, you simply must have this in your arsenal:

Tiny Trapeze Vanilla Marshmallows. Tiny Trapeze Graham Crackers. While you could get their S'mores Kit, you may want to play around with the chocolate options. Personally, I find milk chocolate to make a too-sweet S'more and prefer semi-sweet. The combination of Ghirardelli Semi Sweet Squares* with the Tiny Trapeze marshmallows and graham crackers is, frankly, unreal.

This is must-have summer stuff.


* Valrhona, in particular, would probably work even better, but the SIZE (i.e. a whole bar, as opposed to individual squares) makes it a bit unwieldy, in my book. Callebaut, Guittard and Scharffen-Berger are also good choices.


blackbird said…
Have you ever --
made them from scratch?

am wondering if you are a gourmet COOK as well as gourmet eater.
Joke said…

What is "them?" S'mores? (Yes.) Marshmallows? (Yes.) Graham crackers? (No.)


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