The light at the end of the tunnel...

...has been flicked on.

I went to the office while TFBIM and the lads were off at my parents' house. TFBIM feeling very stir crazy, asked if we could go to lunch somewhere, seeing as how it was 2pm already and she was sick and tired of eating food chosen on the basis that it'd spoil soon. So after consulting with those whom we'd offsprung, we decided to go to Johnny Rocket's. This'd have minimal appeal for me, save for the fact I have NINE gift cards from Williams-Sonoma and I was in the mood to burn them up with purchases as I could.

On our way to the mall (which is quite a ways away, since our little enclave isn't such fertile ground for big-box retail) I detoured by our house and--looky here!--the porch light had sprung to life, approximately 42 hours after it had been snuffed by a wayward tree. We kept going because we figured:

1- If we stopped inside, the desire to clear the refrigerator and freezer of casualties would be overwhelming and we were quite hungry, and
2- We figured it'd be the kind thing to do to let the a/c bring the house to levels of humidity and temperature hospitable for human habitation.

Bouyed by the good turn of events, I strode manfully into W-S, only to discover a pretty decent assortment of things to buy. A new Valrhona brand Devil's food Cake mix wanted sampling, linen (!) bar towels and cloths begged to make my home theirs and some insanely delicious Key Lime and Meyer Lemon biscuits overwhelmed my palate with a longing of the basest sort. A whole MicroPlane array also found its way into my receipt as did a dual digital roasting thermometer with CORDLESS alarm. I even got that nonstick-friendly whisk for Poppy I had promised her way back in April.

The debris in the fridge was moderately extensive. Most of the frozen vegetables and berries (and there were a lot of these) bit the big one and had to be jettisoned. Ditto the ice cream & sorbets, although the former were pressed into service as milkshakes. The seafood had to go, too.

I am still WAY pissed I had to miss a most excellent birthday party.

But I am home. Lights on, a/c blasting and a cool frosty Gin* and Tonic** helping me with my perspective.


* Plymouth, the finest gin known to mankind, even if it IS a flying bitch to find.
** Schweppes. There really is no other acceptable tonic water.


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