Mom's Birthday and the Japanese Cow

Well, it was mom's birthday yesterday and we had a platoon of people come over to celebrate. She was all happy and stuff until she started roughhousing with Numbah Two Son (NTS) who just WHACKED her in the nose. "It's only the bone," she said with a tear coming down, "that and my emotions coming out."

My sister was late, as usual. I explained she was stuck in traffic (she lives 2 blocks away) which is why she was 45 minutes late. Which is usually something which can be relied upon. It seems that just minutes before she was due at our house, she decided to call Continental Airlines and try to haggle about something related to her ticket for her upcoming trip to Japan. Perhaps time management prioritization is not a prominent part of her skill set.

I had decided to grill a whole Kobe tenderloin, since my mom is one of the few normal (well, normalish) relatives I have and therefore merits going all out. The catch about this beef is that you wait for it, not the other way around. I seared it off to rare and let it rest to come up to medium rare.

My mom's ideal meal is steak and potatoes and no vegetables, so I threw some great Yellow Russets on the back of the grill, until the skin was all crackly and the insides way fluffy and very potato-ey in flavor, I like 'em with just a touch of salt and organic butter. I also grilled leeks, mostly because I love them.

My dad raided his wine cellar and brought out some heart-stoppingly awesome Burgundy (1996 Alain Graillot "St. Joseph") which we all enjoyed, except my sister who doesn't like beverages which are not vanilla soy milk or diet Pepsi. We had started with an arugula/grape tomato/mozarrella salad with a LIGHTLY chile infused dressing of basil, EVOO & balsamic.

The beef was truly decadent. I can't see myself getting $43/lb. beef more than once a year at very most, but it really was sensational stuff. NOS wanted to print up menus and then he suggested we put "the story of the cow"on the back, so everyone was brought up to speed with the story of how these Japanese cows are massaged with sake or rice bran oil, fed copious amounts of beer, etc.

I could tell the roast was a hit because my dad a guy who can be, um, a bit abrasive or wacky (often simultaneously) at times, was eerily silent throughout dinner, methodically working his way through his allotted portion of beef and wine and potato. The cake was good, some sort of half-Strawberry trifle/half-cake and, with some Bailey's for the birthday girl, everyone went home and I took a well-deserved shower.



blackbird said…
sounds like a fine dinner.
a FINE dinner.
as a mother, I know I would appreciate $43.00 per pound meat.
Badger said…
Me too, unless it was in lieu of an actual gift.
Joke said…

HEY! I'm a hellacious gift-giver, I'll have you know. I managed to find and give Me Auld Mum the last pieces of the china pattern she picked out when my parents were married (1957) which she was missing when she started to reassemble the full set. (The original set--assuming it is in resembling anything vaguely complete--is back in Cuba, now property of The People, whom had suffered much exploitation at the hands of plutocrats and they bourgeois gravy boats.)

So, gifting-wise, I verily rock.

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