A parenting rant

OK. This weekend, my BiL and his wife went off on a short pre-vacationbefore they go off on a trip to Spain. TFBIM, being the kind and generous soul she is, volunteered us to babysit their kids. Fine.

The problem is that these two kids have STRONG brattish tendencies and my niece also has a SERIOUS bully streak, being the oldest, strongest and most aggressive. About two years ago, I saw Niece smacking NOS and, reflexively, gave her a hearty, well-aimed, and deserved spank. (If you are one of these neo-progressive, enuretic sorts of parent, stop reading right now.) My BiL's wife--who was inactively standing a foot away from me as Niece smacked NOS--was horrified I smacked niece. It was clearly conveyed to me that Spanking Leads To All The Known Evils. This caused me to blanch, because we babysit them a lot and, if I can't discipline my assorted nieces & nephews in the same way I do my own sons, then, frankly, I am not all that interested in putting myself in that situation.

Niece, in the meantime, has discovered thereis NOTHING she can do that will earn her more than a 30 minute time out. So, you may readily imagine what a well behaved child she turned out to be. Not fifteen minutes ago, she decides to slug NOS* who, having been parented properly, knows that slugging girls is a bad thing. So I had to explain to him that, he has my express permission to slug his cousin in self-defense. "But she's a girl!" he protested. I explained that she was a cousin first and that he ought to slug her BACK until she is crying, hard.

Naturally, she got the maximum penalty. A thirty minute time out.


* She slugged NTS once. Once. NTS went apeshit and got mediaeval on her ass, even though he is two years younger, 15 pounds lighter and 6 years shorter. Since the anti-discipline parents were there, I said "Gosh, Numbah Two Son, we don't smack her like that. Golly, that's just wrong." I love that boy.


blackbird said…
you can sit for my boys any day of the week, they'd be perfectly comfortable in your home...and also appreciate european butter, organic beef, chicken and produce.

in fact, as a show of support, I'll fly them in next week - K and I could use some time to ourselves.
blackbird said…
oh, also, can you explain the need for a pre-vacation? because I am unaware of this phenom and certainly would like to take advantage of it.
BabelBabe said…
That's the exact tack we had to take with my boys' cousins.
It's SO counterintuitive as a parent to say all the time, "Don't hit your brother" but then turn around and say, "You may hit someone who hits you." But hey they have to do something. They have to defend themselves.
Fiddledeedee said…
I would explain to SIL that in YOUR house children who hit are spanked. Nothing get me angrier than bullying.
Joke said…
Pre-vacation is the concept of taking a week to go off with your spouse before heading off with your children somewhere.

Not something we practice, but there you go.

Joke said…
For the record, I have spanked NTS all of once and NOS exactly twice (I guess the 1st one didn't take).

In NTS's case--and Poppy can back me up that he can be the soul of mischief--that spanking was a tonic.

The court ordered that I never reveal what NTS did to merit the serious spankage he received, but the effect was near-instantaneous.


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