California, here I come.


There may be a bit of a slowdown in my bloggage between tomorrow (7/27) and next Tuesday (8/2), since we're taking off for a week at Disneyland. Yes, I KNOW we go to Walt Disney World all the damned time, but:

1- We really love Disneyland also.
2- We're meeting up with friends from AZ*
3- WDW and DL are really not all that similar. Really.

Anyway, the output may slow to a trickle, but I suppose I shall return, full-force, on or about 8/3/05.

Ya done been warned,


* On odd numbered years, we meet up with the AZ people, and--so far, anyway--on even numbered years we meet up with Poppy and her ilk.


blackbird said…
enjoy the magic Joke.
blackbird said…
very funny.

you can come back now.

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