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Dear 2009: I've changed the locks and you can send for your stuff later.

Fridge-cleaning, part 2.

Unrelated unrelatedness.

On a serious, but unrelated note.

Hold that thought.

Verily it doth sneak up.

Thanksgiving: The Turkey, Pt. 2 (UPDATED! With pictures!)

Thanksgiving's basics.

...and now, a

Lights. Tunnel. That sort of thing.

But before I do.

Cuban Sandwich.

A history lesson.

Whither Junior



Orange Marmalade for the Slothful

Beef. I like beef.

50 Concerts, you say?

Well, I thought this was cool.

One small step for man...


Still here, still swamped. Keep prayin'.

A thousand words

Updateness for June


This is all you need to know.