A strange instance of common ground

A strange thing happened while I was reading Poppy's latest blog entry. Anyone who knows us both will also know that, while we're the very bestestest* of pals, we don't often see eye to eye on matters of politics. She's anti-widget and pro-gizmo and I'm the opposite.

But today she nailed it and I must agree.

Is THIS the time to find out who's at fault? Is THIS the time to remind us of our divisions?

While bloghopping I read a sickening admission. I won't out the vile toad who posted it, because karma will take care of this imbecile. The Cliffs Notes of the blog entry was that our blogger was leaving an area devastated by the hurricane. By the side of the road was a car that had broken down, outside is a woman holding a toddler. The blogger slows down with the initial intent to help...until this examplar of human kindness notices the broken down car had a bumper sticker for the candidate this blogger had vehemently opposed. So our hero left the woman and toddler stranded.

Honestly, I can't read any blogs other than my pals' blogs for a good, long while because, frankly, I'm about to blow a gasket reading things like this. Yes, I have strong opinions as to who is at fault and they may not coincide with yours. It will prove to be no shock that I REALLY disagree with the things mentioned in that snippet. I'm sure I could sit here and type for hours citing documentation, experts and so forth to show the myriad errors or bolster my assertions. But I won't. Because doing this sort of thing is corrosive to comity, it takes the focus away from doing the noble and charitable and focuses it on the crass pursuit of political advantage at best, and on erecting yet more palisades of rancor between people. It is reprehensible because these things have the net result not of feeding anyone, not of airlifting any food in or evacuees out. It it despicable because it is navel-gazing of the most vindictive sort, fostering anger rather than charity, enmity rather than kindness, wrath rather than hope.

A time for reckoning will come soon enough. when we will see whose account is true, who did and didn't do what. I can wait.

But the people axle-deep through this don't have the luxury of time to wait for the belligerent spasms and its aftershocks and the subsequent repercussions to pass. They are aching and shattered and crying and dying now, not choosing t do so later when it will be more convenient for those who place even the slightest importance on working out their lust for blame before focusing more thoroughly on the tragedy at hand.

Don't be a useless fuck. Let the better angels of your nature drive a while. Remember, if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.


* This is the masterpiece of understatement.


Thank you Joke. You hit the nail right on the head. I am putting away my political divisions with people and avoiding finger-pointing at all costs. Right now, I don't care who is at fault, I just know people are dying and it needs to stop. I am organizing my own effort as such tomorrow after church. I am going to print a list of charitable organizations with their contact info and walk around my neighborhood to give them to anyone who will take it. I just can't sit idly by while people may just be watching the destruction on their TV like a train wreck. I know it is a small token of my concern, but at this point it is what is within my means. Let's get over this pettiness and get to work.

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