I don't care and you can't make me.

Over the past few days, the blogosphere has burst forth in a blossoming of food populism.


Be that way.

Brag about microwaved mac 'n' cheez or other convenience foods.

I'm here to stand up for things, to make a principled stand, to draw a line in the, er, organic soil.

But, because I am a free-market libertarian-type, I will try to evangelize via incentives. Therefore, I would like to draw your attention to two things, without which you are all, frankly, living like cavepersons:

The first is gelato from CiaoBella. Mind you, I am perfectly capable of making my own damned gelato but doing so requires some measure of planning, both in terms of time and freezer space-resources, which becomes exponentially trickier when I try to accomodate different flavor preferences.

The main difference between gelato and "regular" ice cream is that gelato is both lower in fat AND amount of air churned in. (What we in the trade call "overrun") Stuff like Breyer's has almost 100% overrun meaning half of what you scoop out is air. In the case of gelato only 20% is air. Gelato is also lower in fat because it's made with whole milk as opposed to cream, so it's about 8% fat vs. 15% or so. This gives it a denser, but less unctuously cloying mouthfeel. YUM. Run out and get a pint.

The second thing is a riff from Badger's most recent post, in which she saw herself in the mirror and reasoning that discussing sagely the matter of risotto might one day lead her to become a Goldwaterite papist, decided to go all un-foodie in her choices of nourishment for her fam. One of the things she posted was a sort of pulled-pork CrockPot(TM) jury-rig that actually seemed like a brilliant concept. Based on my interpretation thereof, the only thing which worried me was the choice of barbecue sauce. So I offer the following choices (fully aware Badger will hate it, because she seems to have some fondness for sweet-and-savory while I regard same as I would a Bernie Sanders presidency):

1- Gates Extra Hot (if you don't mind 0.1% potassium benzoate) or
2- Red Mud (if you want a little sweetness)

I'd post my own barbecue sauce recipe, but it'd run against the spirit of cooking from the pantry.



Carolyn said…

You, Andrea, Babelbabe - who else is posting ice cream or gelato or any other frozen concoctions to torture me with.

Do you know what is in my freezer? Rice cream - that's what! Ick.
Joke said…
Rice cream?

That sounds like something Scooby-Doo would say.

BUT...in my own freezer, of my own making, I have Key Lime sorbet which is the finest frozen treat known to humanity AND is also GFCF friendly.
Badger said…
I find it humorous that you think the crock pot pulled pork is brilliant when we housewives have been making that shit for YEARS.

Any sauce will do, if it doesn't suck (duh). I don't know that I've ever used the same sauce twice while making it.
blackbird said…

gelato - cheeck

pork recipe?
we do a mean tenderloin marinated in mr. daniels, brown sugar, soy sauce and some other stuff.
pulled pork? 10 hours smoked on the weber -
with a dry rub.
and then a homemade sauce.
why are we not talking about homemade sauce?
Carolyn said…

Now every time I open my freezer, I will be saying "rice cream" in my Scooby Doo voice.
Joke said…
1- I'm not allowed into Housewife Guild meetings, on account of my lack of a husband against whom to rail.

I have to figure these things out when vodka-absorbent members let things slip.

Still, that's brilliant, no matter if it's ancient.

2- We COULD talk homemade sauces, but it violates the whole pantry principle.

The hard part of homemade sauces is the difficulty of getting a smoky flavor thereinto (assuming the smoky flavor cannot be imparted because smoking is not possible/feasible). I use bacon drippings, chipotles and smoked paprika for those purposes.

Badger said…
So if your homemade sauce voilates the pantry principle, I'm guessing you don't make it with things like ketchup, canned chipotles in adobo, beer and/or liquid smoke? The way we housewives do?

There is so much I could teach you, Grasshopper.
Joke said…
No beer, no ::shudder:: liquid smoke. See next post on the issue.

jess said…
I adore gelato but am afraid my palate was forever spoiled on the streets of Bologna. How snobby does THAT sound? I like mine fresh made on the premises that day. I'm always disappointed in storebought. I'm even disappointed in locally made, fresh. But, I'll never turn it down.
Joke said…
No, you're right. I believe they use either unpasteurized milk or milk that has been slow pasteurized, to retain more of that bovine goodness we know and love.


P.S. Modena's is better. :-)

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