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Here is my default, "everyday" recipe for barbecue sauce:

1 1/2 cups ketchup (I use Heinz organic)
1 1/3 cup cider vinegar (I use TheVinegarLady's, but whatever one has live vinegar cultures--sorry, Gina--will do)
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
4 tablespoons bacon drippings (from Nueske's applewood smoked--NOT PEPPERED--bacon)
2 teaspoons mustard powder (Colman's)
1/2 cups chipotles in adobo (the ratio of adobo to chipotle I leave to you, 1 chipotle makes it just right for us, but you do whatever)
2 teaspoons ground sea salt
1/2 teaspoons fresh ground black pepper
1 teaspoon dried thyme, crushed fine
1 teaspoon SMOKED paprika (I like Badia's)

Dissolve the paprika and mustard in the vinegar then, in a saucepan mix all ingredients for sauce. Cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, until thickened, about 10 minutes.

There ya go.



Badger said…
Okay but how is this NOT a pantry recipe? Or maybe you keep different things in your pantry than I do? Because most of this sort of crappe lives in my pantry, is what I'm saying.
Joke said…
At first blush it sure seems pantry-ish, dunnit?

However, there are certain aspects that take it out of the pantry recipe category:

1- You must render bacon
2- You have to puree however many chipotles you intend to use
3- You have to crush the thyme to a powder
4- You have to simmer the whole thing...and then let it cool.

So, while not a pantry recipe, it's pretty pantry friendly, yes?

Badger said…
Okay, so in your own private lexicon, a recipe is not a pantry recipe if it involves the use of appliances and/or the application of heat?

I'm not being argumentative like I usually am (swear!), I'm just trying to get the definition down.
Joke said…

If you grab stuff out of the pantry or fridge and just dump it all into a vessel, THEN it's a pantry recipe.

Badger said…
Ah! Gotcha. Boy are you STRICT.
Joke said…
You should see me with the Gimp.

Badger said…
It's always about sex with you, isn't it?

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