To further annoy my lovely, yet pessimistic wife.

I could buy THIS:

(For the maladjusted, this is a 1977 Ferrari 308GT4. My wife would birth flaming porcupines if I drove up to the house in one of these.)



julia said…
I usually like Ferraris, but that car does nothing for me. It looks like a Dart with pointy ends.

*waits for the outrage, ire and possible derision*
Joke said…
Umm...I'm not buying this one. I'm just pointing out Ferraris I COULD buy because they are not gigabuck cars. These in particular are not very highly regarded among collectors because the 4-seat arrangement in a mid-engine car made for the which-end-is-which look. So it costs as much as a top-end Honda.

It's also molto fast.

blackbird said…
so so pretty.

(we all know that you are going to buy SOMETHING...)
Sarah Louise said…
Yeah, I'm with Julia on this one. But I love "flaming porcupines." Must steal that one!!!
BabelBabe said…
I don't care for it.

Too pointy, as Julia said. As would be the porcupines.

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