Unexpected leave

Dear Internet,

Today TFBIM had a client wrap up a LOT earlier than expected, so she decided to take the kids to the County Fair (hardly believable that South Beach and a County Fair could be 20 minutes apart, but there you have it).

This has left me with a free afternoon, and I'm going enjoy some potable action.

The drink is a Limoncello Sour.

1 ounce Absolut Citron vodka
1 ounce Limoncello
1 tablespoon superfine sugar
1/2 lemon, freshly juiced
Ice cubes
OPT. Superfine sugar for rimming (oh, shut UP, Badger)
OPT. Twisted peel* of lemon

Put all with dry, cracked ice in a cocktail shaker, and shake as long as your patience will permit. Strain into a stemmed cocktail glass. Repeat as needed.


P.S. The shaker in the picture is my default shaker (which, along with the glasses is part of a Mickey Mouse set I got in WDW. Below is the best one, ever, which is also the one Poppy gave me when I turned 40. It's only fit for use when company arrives.

* I save my peels for making yet more limoncello.


Badger said…
Hey! How come *I* get a "shut up" when YOU'RE the one talking about rimming? Huh?
Joke said…
'cause I know what you're like.


-J., feeling no pain and cranking up the sound system to Ted Nugent levels.
Gina said…
Are you actually cranking Ted Nugent's music to Ted Nugent levels? And is there air-guitar involved?
Joke said…
At the mo' I'm cranking Madness's "Night Boat To Cairo" (live version) at Ted Nugent levels.

So help me, I am thisdamnedclose to taking out my guitar and scaring the squirrels out of the trees.

Rock on,

Gina said…

(Can you tell that's those devil horn things people make with their fingers?) :-)
Joke said…
I could if it had a thumb.

-J., a big fan of the whole prehensile thing
blackbird said…
and that would be meyer lemon that you've grown yourself, right?
blackbird said…
oh, see, you DO need the wireless device the Middle purchased.

email me and I'll fill you in.
Joke said…
Meyers don't grow so well Down Heah, these are "Amalfi" which are a bit more tart with a thicker peel.

Badger said…
My Meyer lemon tree appears to be doing quite well. And also, STILL no hurricanes. Or rust on our cars.

MsCellania said…
Hey, I said 'prehensile' before you did today. I posted about my toes.

I thought Amalfi was a Coast, or a brand of shoes. The things ya learn!
Kim said…
We make our own Limoncello as well - DIVINE. Chef even made a coffee liqueur at Christmas that defied belief. So very very good.
Joke said…
And....why haven't you availed us of the coffee liqueur recipe?

-J., tapping foot

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