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It's Ash Wednesday.

I decanted NOS at school and then I underwent the process of getting all ashed up and ready for Lent. I had a mug of weak green tea in lieu of breakfast, since (duh!) the fast ought not be broken yet.

Poppy was explaining how her people deal with Shrove Tuesday/Lent and how pancakes entered into the equation. My tribe, however, says buh-bye to Ordinary Time by consuming lots of cured pork products. (Poppy's adamant denials notwithstanding, we all know that Shrove, Shriven, etc., all REALLY are corruptions of charcuterie, as brought by the Norman conquest...but never mind.)

So we had all manner of sausage and prosciutto--which I am craving madly, BTW--and bacon and roast pork loin. Very yummy.

That is all.



BabelBabe said…
Joke, do you have a bun in the oven? craving prosciutto? When I was pregnant, I wanted POUNDS of prosciutto and bacon. Pounds and pounds.

I like that you "decanted" NOS. It's an interesting choice of verb.

did the pancake thing yesterday but am not doing the ash thing - i am not that ready to commit to's a wide gulf between the episcopalian church and the southern baptists. must...go...slwoly....
Joke said…
Prosciutto is the #1 reason I cannot ever be a vegetarian. Bacon is cool, but a distant 2nd.

In fact, I am so prosciutto-mad, that ages ago I bought a (home-version) deli-type slicer for use upon a whole hunka Italianate porky goodness.


P.S. I have a friend who is married to a HARDCORE Tridentine Missa Cantata type o' Papist, and it's taking her a bit of doing to acclimate to this from her Baptist background. So I think I can feel your pain.
Sarah Louise said…
Just stopping by to say hi--as a girl who was Catholic for one year, I have volumes to say on the whole Lent thing but right now I am very very tired. Nap, anyone?
julia said…
I was busy buying a house yesterday, so I'm doing the pancake thing tonight. I figure since I'm not a Catholic, or even a practising anything, it doesn't really matter. And my daughter did that whole "oooh, oooh, pancakes!" slavering-like-a-rabid-dog thing when I mentioned it, so, y'know, I'll keep her happy while attempting to mute my insatiable lust for maple syrup.

There's this Spanish version of prosciutto that I love called Serrano that is seriously good stuff. I just eat it plain. Sometimes on a nice cracker with a slice of manchego, but mostly, just plain.
blackbird said…
I'm in for the nap.
Joke said…
Serrano is good stuff and if you can get the "Jabugo" (that's like the "di Parma" I s'pose) you're golden.


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