Contest Update #2


It's March 17th. Hurry the Hell up, people. Someone's going to win the Braun Multipractic stick blender with the wall mount and chopper thingy. Someone else will win the cookbook. Get your answers in ASAP.

Now, for contest #2.

In honor of both St. Patrick AND the fact I had a most excellent beer (see previous post), I am giving away a his & her Guinness glassware set, consisting of a pint and halfpint Official Guinness Glass. Kindly note these are NOT the kind you can buy in stores or online. These are for-real pub issue glasses which cannot be bought. In a fit of Guinness-fueled revelry about 15 years ago, I swiped (in a semi-coherent burst of indignant pique) them from the Rose & Crown Pub in EPCOT when I discovered the ones for sale were not the same kind they used in the pub.

(It is up to you to determine which is his and which is hers)

Quiz will be up Monday. It won't be quite the PITA this last one was. Lurkers get extra credit.


P.S. Beer not included.


Karan said…
When do folks stop qualifying as lurkers?
Joke said…
There's a sliding scale. You're still lurkish. Not full-on lurker, but pretty lurkish.

Badger said…
What about stalkers? What do they get?
Carolyn said…
My husband loves Guiness.
Joke said…
Stalkers get a practical exhibition of my views on my 2nd Amendment rights.

Sarah Louise said…
Yeah, I'll get no "lurker" points...
Joke said…

Pessimism costs points.


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